Why do I need a pool safety fence?

Over 300 children drown in swimming pools every year. Over 4100 children younger than 5 suffer submersion injuries and many sustain permanent disability. Many of the children who drown could be saved if homeowners fenced in their pools and installed self-closing and self-latching devices on gates.

Guardian Pool Fence of Ohio/Kentucky provides a proven US patented solution to help protect your most valuable asset.

Why Choose Our Pool Fences?

*Strongest Pool Safety Fence on the Market               *Self-Closing Gate                                                                         *Non-Climbable Design                                                 *Lockable Gate

*Only "no-hole" Fence on the Market                                    *Easily Removable by Homeowner

*Best Fabric                                          

*Color Variety                                                                 *Professional Installation                                                       *Lifetime Warranty 

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